Wide range of glass choices

Infinite Choice

Today there is an almost infinite range of glass choices.  In addition to providing basic insulation and protection against the weather, modern glass – sometimes filled with gas and sometimes provided with specialist metal coatings - can provide additional properties to insulate against noise and solar gain. Your choice of glass should also help to provide a good indoor climate and provide health and safety compliance where required.


Energy-saving glass

We are all becoming more and more aware of the environment. For those living in the buildings being developed today, a good indoor climate with the lowest possible energy consumption is a key driver. Energy-saving glass has a low u-value and makes a significant difference to the performance of the windows which have been installed and by extension to the indoor climate and amount of energy used.


Solar Glazing

Solar glazing can deliver great benefits, keeping excessive amounts of heat and sun-light out, whilst still allowing warmth and light into the building.


Self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass has been around for a number of years now and offers a good solution for buildings where traditional window cleaning is difficult.

The glass is supplied with a coating which enables dirt to be dissolved by a combination of UV rays and rainwater, keeping the glass clean and enabling it to function to its optimum performance.


Acoustic glass

The key to good acoustic performance is different glass thicknesses within a sealed unit, supported by specialist coatings where applicable.


Safety Glass

You can choose between two different types of safety glass, toughened or laminated, both designed to comply fully with all Building Regulation and Safety requirements. 


Ornamental Glass

A wide range of ornamental glass is available in different colors and patterns to suit individual requirements.