French door

French door

Stylish designs, and with the option to add fixed side-lights

Smaller than a Patio Door, French Doors remain a classic choice for those wanting more than a single door entry or exit point to their homes. Stylish designs, and with the option to add fixed side-lights, French Doors remain a very popular choice.



2-way inward door is unique in that all functionality is operated with a twist. The door is delivered as 1 or 2-frame. Tilt inward for air position at the top. Right or left inward, for full opening up to 90o.


Inner door is delivered as passive standard with frame depth 109 mm, and 3-layer glass. The door can be supplied with 2-layer glass.

It is standard with only internal twists in brushed aluminum. The door can be delivered with internal and external twists. Also available with white twist, and with lockable FG recommended turning at cost.

Standard color is cotton - NCS S 0502Y. We deliver in all NCS / RAL colors, also 2-color, one color outside and another inside if you wish.
The doors are impregnated, ground and painted with a top coat in the desired color. Frame, frame and all the critical places you do not see, we paint too. All parts are painted before assembling. Then you are guaranteed a good result.

The glass strips are supplied as standard in aluminum, painted in the same color as the product. The drainage rails on incoming products are supplied in standard white aluminum on white products. On products in colors other than white, the drain rail is delivered in the same color as the product. Can be supplied with bunnglass in natural aluminum and in other colors at extra cost.

U value from 0.73 W / m2K.



The doors are supplied in laminated finger meat wood. The wood is divided into slats and glued to finished items. This gives great strength, balances tension in the wood, gives less risk of product failure and gives you a strong and stable construction with a long service life.

We can also deliver in oak or accoya, and without fingers on request.



You can also get them covered with aluminum outside (only doors without chest). This is the solution for those who want the least maintenance. All visible openings are painted in the same color as the aluminum.