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This is what many call the "old-fashioned" sprouts. The jaws go through the glass, so here the glass is divided into rows of jars. These spikes provide a more powerful partition of the window surface, and are built into the window when it is manufactured. The jaws can be horizontal, vertical or cross. Available in 58, 68 and 78 mm.




This type is attached to the outside with clips, and is the type that are used most today. They are easily to remove and easy to clean. Can be combined with wide vertical groove and narrow horizontal groove in different line combinations. This type is available in wood, pvc and alumax. Available in 28, 45 and 65 mm in PVC or wood. And 26, 45 and 60 mm in alumax.





The frame frame has an outside frame that is attached with clips, in addition to the squares. All spikes will be visible from the inside. The groove frame is slanted into the window, so the light opening becomes somewhat smaller. Available in 28, 45 and 65 mm.




These are aluminum gaskets that are glued on both sides of the glass. There are three types of decorations. Standard color is white. Available in other RAL colors.



Kitt decorative process has a groove inside, one between the glass and an exterior of the glass. Available in 29 and 49 mm.

This type of spray can also be supplied with aluminum exterior and wood inside. Available only in 28 mm.




Kittsprosser is aluminumprocessed on the outside and inside of the same glass. Available in 29 and 49 mm.




Wienersprosse is a separate decorative process. Wienerprossen is an aluminum process, located between the glasses. Available in 18, 26 and 45 mm.